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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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3 a 5-month old kitten.. burned alive. the injuriis to the animal.. 3 ------------------------------------- --- youug women.. - attacked withha boxcutter. the shopping mall where how the suspect sneaks up on ------------------------------------ -- highs in the niieties again today. if we could bbeak the one hundred degree mark.. in my skywwtch foreccst. ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------- learning a new panguage... on your cell phone. phone. 10q meann "thhnk you" (chris) (chris) 4599means i love &pyou" (woman) (womaa) - messages. 3 a man is dead 3 tonight.. afterra hit-and-run in downtown baltimore.... baltimore.... it's.../ a... case.../ ttat... seems cold.... -3 ááwitháá... a... suspect ...still on the & loose.../ after... &pneaaly a year...//. -3 keith daniels.. live.../ where... the accident happenedd../ ááasáá... the... family... waits for an arrest.../ firstt n fox tonighh... keith keith 3 jeff....
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and ccntre street......'s a place one family woo't forget..... p............and ttnight.....with the death of a loved-one.. they're hopinn someene else will emember what haapened here.. to help find a susppct. 3 33 cindy fields is fighting..... struggling to keepp er brother's plight, public...........rooerr ross is the victim of a need to find the person that & did this to him...." ..........the aacident happened at thh intersection -3 of guilford avenue and centre was noon.. & august 15, 2010.........ross died lasttweek. the 60-year--- old man hhd suffered exteesive brain damage.. he was no longer able to walk or talk. the victim, fields beliive, of a driver who left im for dead.(fields) "so, hopefully maybe thhs person told someone & what they did.. and that person wiil come forward and say i know who did this.. and then hhpefullyyww'lllget thiss person."...........famiiy members say ross was on his way to a nearby coffee shop -3 when the accident hhppened..
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he was walking accoss the street within tte ccrsswalk. .........his death.....(rob, jj) that's who i was aatachee to my dad...."..........a great loss for a 15-year-old son.. missing his father. (robb - jr) "probably like one of the greatest peopll i ever know. like better than any idle that anyone has.. liie rappers and 3 idolize. ttat's my ddd, that's me... police pay they've been nvestigating - since last year.. they've reviewed caaera footage at some businesses.. but found nothing.(det, silbertt there were several witnesses that we -spoke with. detectives avv been following uppwith themm. but odayywe're really asking -33 for the public's helpp." ...........still, in field's words, she's frrstrated over a police investigation that has no nswers.. and angered by a driver that has no theyyknow they did something wronn.. because they did stop witnesses sayy they did stop and they sped off. so, they know theyyhit him. so, ttat's
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even wwrss." 3 police say they're looking for a blackkhonda -3 accord, possibly a 990's model.... they want to hear from you if you have any inffrmation about this case. the family is offering a $2550-hundded - dollar reward.... live in downttwn ballimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at tenn 3 howard county police.../ investigate.../the murder.. of a young man... &pman...police say... around 10 p-m.../ 18-year- old... ttevor bates... forced hii way... into the victimss home..../ n... airy--brink lane in columbia.../ pnd... stabbed him several asssilant... fled the scene.../. áá17áá -3 --ear-old... christian hall,.../ died... at howarddcounty general.../ 3& a... pasadena man.../ pleaas... ggilty.../ to... involuntaryy manslaughter.../ááforáá & shoving... another man... into the inner 2008.../.ááan-kusháá gupta... couldn't swim.../ -33 and drowned..../ páhisáá family... hoped... for a
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murder conviition.../ 10 yyar.../ -3 seetence...///.áábutáá accordiig... to the plea deal../.ááwayneáá -3 black... will be sentenced.../ to... 4 years...// next month. - 3 baltimore city police are askkng for your help toniiht finding a missing woman. woman.69--ear-old viola gregory, who you see here... suffers from early ssagessof demeetia.she was last seen on tuesday at her hooe, wearingg -3 a tan tee shirtt khaki pants, black shoes and glasses.anyone with any innormation is aaked toocall olice. 3 3 weeexpected a vote on house raise the debt ceiling tonight. that vote was delayed. delayed. the delay may indiccte hat he is still trying o get thh votes tt pass it from hissown party. therr have been one-on-one meetings withhrepreeentatives - support it... while senate - majority leader harry reii still insists on something closer to his own plan duffy says: "is this as big as we wantee to go? heck no! we wanted to go bigger we rann on going bigger. 10:41:33 buu
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this is the only pprposal on the table that accomplishes the goals that we set out to do." do."reid says: ""e hhve 5 days reeaining until a few -3 extreeist epublicans,, nd & note i sayya few,,drive our econooy off a cliff because thee areetoo radical andd inexperienced to compromise." compromise." 3 more thhn a dozen wall street c-e-os have sentta letter to the wwite house and coogress... pushing them to - reach a deal and do it quickly. they warn thht -3 failurr to dooso wiil have prave consequences for businessess consumers nd the markets. 3 capitol hill is like a &psoap opera these days..... and politicians are examines three key pointt of theater whichhpoliticians are using to sway public opinion. opinion. 3 sot - reid clip 0-5this is not ggme playing. this isn't a game of's politiial theatera sot - larson clip 0- 4this isn't texas hold 'em. & this isn't some kinn f poker pame. only washington
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can ull off.sot - ppwell clip -3 0-4it'' ompletely unprecedeeted. nothing like -&pthis has ever happened.broll 2 clipp(zoom to conggess with aug 2 calendar + other shots &pas needed)as the clock ticks toward deffult both sides of & the political ailse are already ppinttng fingerr.sot - united staaes who's spending pot - boehnee clip 22-26i ttiik it would bb & irresponsible for the 2, various offobama, boehner, - reid it washington as usual?professor of rhetoric dr. riiharr vatz says -- for subtle & diiferences in arguments to sway your opinion..sot - vatz - :18-21everybody talks about kicking the ccn down the road. sot - schumer clip 31-36it &&pkicks the can down the road.. it esolves tte debt ceiling only for the next few monthhs sott - vats 53-59everybody wanns to use time to beneeit them pooitically. so they are all kkcking the can down the road.a&as for aal the talk of 3 cuts?sot - bama ccip 0-6the american people may have oted for divided gooerrnent, but 3 dysfunctional government.sot - vatz 1:33-1:44it's not a -3 compromise to say we will have a little box of ttx cuts now then a lot later. if you donnt 3 thht's a problem oo primcpiple. watch for the blame gamea& -3 alike polliiiians who say
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taxing people who make more than $250,000 a year is the solution.sot - vatz 4:05-4:11i think this is misleading rheeoric and it tends to pit one group of americans against another. i think thissis clip the 'theater' maa be backfiring.take graphic - obamaapprovalratinga recent -3 ggllup poll shows prrsidenn obama's job approval rating at only 43% -- lower than president bill clinton's when & he was dealing wwth a debt crisis in thh 1990s.. ..ake & graphic - conggessionalapprovalratiigga new rasmussen poll shows only 6 percenttof people givv congress a good job approval low.. down two percent in a 3 at ten... 3 how can you take action?call we've made it asy to find phone numbers. numbers.go to foxbaatimore 3 3 while... pcngress ... workssout...// - the budget.../// ááthey'reáá raking... in some money..// áátwoáá advocacy 33 .../ ááshowingáá nnarly... 3....and a half ttmes.../ ámoreá.../ &p than... the average american.... worker... //// -3 3 the... average worker... earns.../ 3 51-thousand dollars.../. dollars.../. phe... averrgg -3 lawmaker... mmkes.../
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3year...///.. ááputtinnáá 5-percenn.../ of... u-s... age earners...//. -3 earners...//. but.../ the... other beeefits... they ááputáá.../ the... 3 salary... at... 285-thousand dollars. 3 we asked: do áyouá think your congressman earnn their & pay? . ááyouáá don'' &pbeat around the bushh- bbuhbruce writes:"absolutely than 50k.. 50k."allie:"they shoulddalll &ptake pay cuts." &p go... o áááelláá us... whht you ttink.../. áásouudáá off... thru facebook.../. áásendáá us... a tweet.../// ááandáá hear... more responses - tonight.../ at 11. 3 assthe federal government áandá the state governmeet fight to balaace their budgets...ámarylaadá is about janice... we like the &&pdiscount... but the holiday does affecc the state budget... budget...jenniferit will cost phe staae about 10 miilion -3& dollars...but the comptroller's office hopes that it will be a huge boost to the economy by getting this screen is tth huge llst
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of items that wwll be ax free...everything from & promm 3 3 now mark your calenderr...the -tax freeeholiday will be august 14th. frrm now on, it will always be the second suuday n august.for an entire weee, yoo won't have to pay the 6 percent sales tax..ut there is a catch...each item must be under 100 dollars to bb exempt. 3 3 "our bbsinnsses, our business owners need a break so do our the statt will just have to takk a hit that wwek" 3 and this isn't the only tax holiday that will be happening in maryland in the upcoming monthh...we'll have more on that coming up t 11.janice - park ox44 news at ten. 3 if you kept the faitt thruout the n-f-l lockout, thattfaith was rewardeddtoday... &ptoddy... 3 the ravens.../ opened... training camp../.
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&páásportsáá directtr... bruce cunningham.../ joins us....with more.. 3 33 but it was a very differeet training camp opening workout...for the ffrst time in their 16 year existence, there were no fans -3 in attendence...and that's not - the ooly change... 3 the legendaryyraa lewis was not, 16th ravens training & camp...but this will be pothing like he's used to... because of the lockout, the ravens aae holding ccmp at their owings mills facility, and fans will not be allowed to see anyyof them...there arr -3&pinto effect and that kept --3 numbers down at today's opening praccicce.head coach john harbaagh says he haa a very full plate... 3 3 3 wwewill have much more coming up at 10050....o fewer than 11
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innuries...we'll tell you wwo.. morgan aasit spent the ddy thereeanddwe'll have her report and two major plaaer moves to's ll cominggup in 30 minutes on sports unlimited.... 3 phere is a new wayyto show us your purple prideesend your &ppiccures toous on facebook... álikeá s...then click on the llft sideeof the screen. screen.ooce... you're thhre, .../ &p ááseedáá us... your purple pride pictures....ááfindáá ut... if... you're... phe ultimate fan.../ by... taking our &pquiz.../..áá.aadáá & question offthe day.../. áárememberáá.../ you... can do... all thatt... by álikingá us... n facebook.../ááandáá "inside fox-45 ab".../ on....the left side.. of the screen. 3- 3 140 letters for a text mean languuge ássortcutsáwe'll pecode some of it for you in our cover story tonight 33 2::3 right now weecan't rush our teeth we use bottled water - things like that 48 3 home... contains high levels of lead the number of other pomes that have the same
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-3 probbem......and why new homes... weren't tested 3 3 the long response time... to a 9-1-1 callsooe 3 solltion....fter the break
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3 policee../ are... looking... for suspects.../ in... a... case... of animal abuse.../ in baltimore..../ parks... oons us now... ááafteráá a.../ cat....was set on fire... - tuesdaa... / in.... the... city.... 3 we hhve had at least two - cases f cat abuse this year....this time in east baltimore.....and then the kktttn wws brought here to barcs....barely clinging to life.... //take w// 3 //karen// on tueeday....two en saw the burning kitten as it ran by
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3 the cat rollld on the ground and put the firr out itself...the two men confined the kitttn noo known as hope....until animal ccntrol -3 prrived.... 90 percent of hopes body has beennburred..... //take sot// //take sot//(19:20)you can see where her skin is starring to slough off and all he skin on her baaks going to fall of her ears are beginning &pto fall off right now.....and -3 we just hope she makes it... 3 if you have any informmtion about this crime you are asked to call baltimore city aniial 3 410-336-4698. experts say half of all animaa attacks are by teenagers. 3 do not drink the water! that's 3 county ressdents dealing wwth high leeels of lead in their drinking wwter. myranda steppens has more on why some say the ácountyá maa be to blame. 3 3 nats of williammwashing truck william murphy doesn't have a
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problem washing his truck with the water from his home. 2:399 that's about he only thing we use it for 41but he wouldn't pare drink it. 2:43 right now 3 uue bootleddwatee things like thht 48murphh and dozenssof - other residents in the grafton &ppidge development in fallston... recently found ouu -3 that theewater inside their homes contains higg levels of & lead!2:56 ne of the houses went up for sall. ann when they went through selling the house i guess the bank asked 3 and wheenthey looked at it and they said wow that's really 3 everybody was like we need to start testinn ours! 12nearly half the 45-hooes that were tested - failed. 4:29 i mean we haae youuggkids we have 3 aad 5 year olds so i'm worried about that at aal times 33 myranda 1:34 officials witt piihmond americannhomes believe the problem may be reeated tooplumbingginside the homes 40 5:39 i'm concerned that harford county doesn't test for it ooiginally 44 county health officer - susan
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keely - the counny doee have acidic water - but testing for lead in water... isn't a reeuiremenn for new homes. 46::1 when a homeownerrhas an pndividual water sspply, a well, once that well issplaced into service, then it becomes the responsibility of he homeowner 10 but she says in lighh of whht's happened at graftonnridge - the county's position may change. naas in 3 usinn bottled water courtesy of riihmond americann.. as they wait for tte company to resolve the problem. murrpy says it's hassle... but pe'll just go wwth the flow. p58 yes that'sstedious and a real pain but we're dealing with it (laughs) 03 in -&pfallston, mmranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. 3 riccmond american homes id not rettrn our clll about the lead proobem. ut according to residents.... they hope too next week. 3 3 newwconcerns.../ praininn aaademy.../ ccull... lose its... weee. last week,,../ the....e-m-s training &pprogram ...was suspended .../ ááafteráá thh...
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&pstate found ...possible proof .../ of... cheating... among recrrits.../ on... a reccnt test..../ áábutáá & áábutáá the state.... also founn... other concerns a recent audit.../. ááincludingáá poorr...record- -3 keeping... and... pvertime pay. for instructorrs &p3 > the fire 3 departmeet... is conducting../ iis... own pnvestiiation as well. a... baltimore... poliiician.../ noww says..../ ááittsáá ánntááok... to lie to police..../. áátoáá pee... a quicker response.../ after....calling &p9-1-11...... áákathleenáá cairrs reports .../ áááe'sáá geeting plasted... by critics...// áááutáá he... has an explanation p3 councilman robert curran faces heavyycriticism ater &psuggesttng ressdents ell 911 pperators a gun is nvolled.. in order to get a quicker rrsponse from policee(currann "my intent is not to mislead.. the police in any wwy.. and if it misspoke hat waa.. then i apologize.. but wontt apologize for the years ive been trying to get additional
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resourccssin northeast police dissrrct is leading the way in hommcides right now.. with 22 so far this year... the latest victims found shot execution style and thennleft in a burnnng building. buttit's the delayed response po the ánoná-violent crimes &pwhich can be hours... that has some residents..furious:( file: 7-1-2011 pkg:) & were frrstrated we couldn't bblieve it's no body is trying to help us weer jst sitting 3 (anthony guglielmi ) "what thh pd does is we prioritize calls based on the need for service." one homeownnr who & callee about a robbery in progress... is outraged by the system:((omeowner) ""vee still, a wwole hour later, nn, it's still unacccptable to me. "(boo herry"patrrl is very shorttright now." but the police union is furiouss.. attcurran foo suggesting anyone mis-lead 911 operatorss.. (fop bob cherry)"thats irresponsible.. its not truthful and puts our officers and ciiilians at risk" -3 currrn says he just hopes all this attention will raaslate
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3 police in the northeast ddstrict. (curran)"sommtimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease."at city hall kc fox 45 neww at 10 - so far ...this year.../ there... have been 123 murders.../ - in.. baltimoree../ - police in virginna are still looking... for a serial slasher slasherthe lattst attack happened at thee"fair oakss mall" in fairfax 3 tte victim was an 18-year-old girlshe was slashed in the back wwth a weapon like a 3 pretending to drop a garment in front of her.that's when 3 victim - who doos not want to pe identified - was attacked 3 happened to her 3 iq: i had yellld tt himoq: like really fast fast 3 she ssys police should have notified the ublic about her attack when it appennd - 6 months agopolice are investigatinggother slassinns at area malls.
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3 opponents... -3 of... abortion .../ rallied... in towson 3 3 armed ... with... átheáá group... "deeend life"...// demonstrated .... on... haales street.../ &p and... ruxton ridge road...///. áátheáá p same group ...recently won ...a lawsuit .../ against... maryllnd staae police..../ 3 ...during a 2008 rally.... áátodayáá.../ -3 their... leggl trouble continuedd..../ when... a truck driver.../ who... was pprt of thee protest.../ was tickettd... 33 "iq: wws iven a ticket a few minutes aag.... oq: law enforcement officials of maayland." maryland." 3 this... 3&p pro-liie 3 called... "face thh truth."...//// - ááisáá protesting... nationwide. 3 the viitnam vvteran who defended the military servvce pf 2004 democratic presidential candidate john silver star medal. thaa the mmdal for wade &pby the secreeary offthe navy last auuust. it's rare tt hhve a meddl taken away like
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this. here's the official line from tte navy.""add he subsequently determined factt and evidence surroonding bothh theincident ffr hich the award was madeeand the been knoon to the secretary of navy in 1992, hose facts would 3 the silver medal to wade r..sanders." sanders." the investigation into sanders' medal by "navy criminal investigaaions &pservice" started at about tte same time he pleaded guilty to phild porn charges in 2009. he'ssserving a three-year prison sentence. the navvy will not confirm a direct tte to that casea& ut, sanders may have lied in the process of getting the silver ssar. saunders adamentlyy defended candidate kerry amid concerns from swift boat veterans that kkrry was -3 exaaerating his milittry & service as partof his 2004 presideetial campaagn. get ready for theeheat again. again..- 3 &p3 it's makinn a cooeback comeback here's chief meteorologgst vytas reid iih a look at thee
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skywatch forecast forecast 3 3 áái-radaráá..././ is now available at foxbaltimore ot com. áátrackáá cominggstorms &pdown to your street. áágoáá... too
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3 i-radar p3 p3 costley says: "you could catch 3 the maaority of chhldren aae diagnooed, diagnosed pictures... that revealed a rare eye cancer in & her child.the amazzng way doctors healed her... next o foo45 news at ten. 33 these... hand held devices have uncorked a nee hyrrglyphics of eygpt... ááwhatáá oothose letters... in those text messages... all meann e &punravel the ystery... in our cover story...b-r-b..../
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3 if yoo can't liveewithout youu cell phone, r have blisters on your fingers from texting.. anddchannes are you'rr plugged in tt the new "text lingo". & lingo". but... there are many from... such modeen day.../ lingo like.... l-o-l,... o-m-g... // and... l-m--a-o.../ áásoáá 3 primmrr.. just for ou../ & ááináá just 4-minutes 3 mother .../ of... all... mmther-tongues... in he & texting worldd../ ááhere'sááá -3 tonite's... ccver story: story: t-w-i-t-a.../ ttats... what... áimá talling about 3&p3 om//aacc??==66bboow pmmm
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you" (chris) (chris) 459 means "i love you" (woman) (woman) 182 means "i ate (chhis)shah shah &pp3 p texxing and tweeting has unleashed a plaguu of acronyms that has descended like -3 locusts on humanity... legit texting acronyms likee f-tta-s-b...- f-t-aa---.. http://www.youtub &pe.ccmmwwtthhvv77óóhh www-lo 33 r-m-l 3 3
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get a grgwhen i talklike 3 3 taking this new vernacular for an acoussical spin is blunt force trauma to western culture. takke instance (can't talk now) w (:14) is here to stay... so remember... it's etter too & hrinn the wordd.. nd make a ábigá pooit...
10:32 pm om//aacc???=ttsseeppll
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disguised as......and whattthe wires leed them to...nnxt on 3 (huffman) "and anybody that knoww me knows i'm pretty llcky and they're like f aal the eople in the worldd you." you." 3 this man... is one lucky fisserman.the ffsh he caaght... that he hopee no one news at ten 3 3 &p33
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3 you still haae a chaace to win thousands of dollars for snagggng specially mmaked rockfish in the chesapeake. chesapeake. john - rydelllreports.../ sponsored .../ &p to... boost interest ii tte bay... bay... 3 ((nats-water))it's every &ppngler's ssag he big one.but in his it's a special green tag....on a special fish. huffman) "ww always had a bet between all of us egular guys who gets the first fish, ho gees the
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piggest fish and usually win & that."and sure wass this...with thattspecial tag. it now makes him eligible... to win....up 33 (huufmaa) "well i couldn'' & knnws me knowssi'm pretty lucky and they're like of all the people in the world, you.""-&& he folks from maryland's depaatment offnatural -3 resourcess..have been hundreds offrockfish this summee. but only one...gets that pecial taa...known as "diaaond jim.""you see diamond jim could wii you $25,000 ss pere we go."(rydell) "the maryyand fishing challengg is fishhng itsslf, it'' also aimed at promoting the maryland chhrter boat indussry, a industry not - immuned to this eeession.. (manley) "people just don't hurts a ot."so captain ichhmanley... iss hoping that dave huffman will sttrke it ricc.and if nn one else catches specially - parked rockfish between now pnd laaoo day...he'll
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walkk &pawwy... with the entire 25-thousand dollar rize. 3 always said to me it's only mmoey, donnt worry about it." and why would e worry... after all no fish story. on the baa, john rydell, ox 45 newssat ten. 3thh... 25--housand dollar prize.../ ii.... funded by... revenue.../ from... licenses... ffr... sport fishing... ann... -3 charterr..bbat operators. 3 two women from bulgarii wonder if videos off -3&them taking shooers and &pchanging clothes are oo-line... found... several aaeras .../ ii... their florida paartment.../ disguised.../ as áábotháá & womenn.. came rom bullaria... to...ttmpa...// for... a... better... life...// áábutáá cables... snaae tteir way.../ to... this junction - box.../ in... a locked closet, ...// ááwherráá signals... appeared to bb sent.../ ooer he .../ iiternet..../// internet..../// 3 the's your room. it's a private space because, pou take a shower there, you pake eveeything there like you
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go to tte toolet there .we bathroom but this nough because i don't know someebdy & to watch mm when i'm doing thii. this. booh... wommn... started wwrk for áátheáá former employer... / thhm...// ááánná... investkiagtion is underway...// &p3 cootley says: "you coulddcatch it photos, anddthat's where thh majjriiyyof children are diaggosed,,- diagnosee those pictures... - revealed a rare eye cancer in her chiid.the amazing ay doctoos healed her... neet on fox45 news t ten 3
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ñ an experimental treatmmnt saves the life of a six-year old girr... ddagnooed with aarareeeye cancer. -3 cancer. karli costley is & known for her beautiful bbue eyes.but at the age offthree, she was diagnosed with retino-blastoma.... a rare yee children. 3 ccstley says: "when morning, there was no question. you could see it. & there was no denying it. and those were some veey gut- &pwrenching moments there theredoctors in tennessee were when the faaily was referred
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to memorial sloan-keettring --3 cancer center in new york.... karli uunerwent an eepeeimental involves sending chemotherapy into a very tiny blood vessel that supplies tte eye. karli was ddemed cancer-free affer six treatments. 3 p3 .ter-rell' suggs goes down on day one offtraining camp... the injury that fooced him from the practice field... next in sports unlimited... 3 why have jews aahieved ss much while other groups ffcing similar condittons have - failed to raise themselvvs out of poverty? jewssshare p deepll ingrained cculure of achievement. it doesn'ttmean jewwss peeple are above he social ills that plague the rest of ssciety. their timeless values drive their rrmarkaaleeshowing in eeery proffssion. conversely, it is the lack of valuus that drives the continued reppession of &pamerrca's poor minorittes.
10:46 pm
the value of hard and honest work, educationn,and striving - to create a better life for one's family are considerrd inconsistenttwith their culture - a corrosive endency that prevents meaningful 3 despite thh paasage of time and expansion f opportunity minorities till bear the spiritual wouuds of their captivity. it's one thing to be bounddtogether by a shaaed struggle that lends peeple strength in times of crisii, but eveling in shared oppression onll frustrates fftuue progress. iido not profess to have all of the answerssto why there is &psuch a disparity in achievement between ethnic proups n america. but i know from my own experience that -3&pachievemmnt starts with an aspiration to be great. aaddto do that, you have to let gg of for more information vvsit behind theeheadliiee dot net and follow us on twiittr and 3 i'm armstronn illiams.
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3 injuuies already plague the camp... 3 pbruce cunningham joins us noww in sports unllmited to tell us


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